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Stadium in Kazan

Stadium in Kazan, 2010

The football stadium, which will host the opening and closing of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013. Designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the FIFA stadium total area 66.5 thousand square meters. m will accommodate 45 thousand spectators.

Architectural appearance 45000th Stadium, the established international architectural and design company «Populous». Arena, located on the banks of Kazanka, in place of the failed Natural Landscape Park "islands Kazanka" with rare species of plants and animals, such, for example, as swamp iris, its contours will resemble lily.

To project the Kazan stadium attracted foreign architects Capital Firm "Inteks", which in the process of building will serve as the management company. «Populous» - longtime partner "Inteks" - developed the architectural concept and the main Olympic stadium in Sochi. General designer of the stadium in Kazan acts "Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt" takes part in the work and the Moscow TsNIIPromzdany.

So, architects, analyzing the raw data (the location of the future stadium), giving the arena - if you look at it from the top - the form of a lily. According to the Head of Project Management "Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt" Maxim Bykov, this architectural design contributed to the fact that the facility is located next to the water. Due to the proximity of the river and the desire of architects to use in building materials to create a sense of lightness, airiness, transparency ...

Of course, in the pursuit of beauty and ease of forms designers did not forget about the convenience of visitors and practicality. Fans - and the stadium will be a purely football - provided a good review from anywhere in the stands. In this case, there is a big enough area between the first series and the football field: the architects took into account that the arena will often take massive ceremony (including the opening of the Universiade-2013), and this area will deliver football turf from excessive load. Directly located on the arena itself
9-meter stylobate part. In modern architecture so called top of the stepped base of the building.

From the Palace of water sports stadium will incorporate a large park, and near to the scene according to the project - parking for 10,000 parking spaces. However, parking can be transferred to the other side of Prospect Yamasheva.